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Ban Internet Hearing Aid Sales (BIHAS) is an online advocacy resource that seeks to educate the general public about the benefits and value of a face-to-face hearing consultation with a licensed hearing healthcare provider.

Industry changing news.  Act.
We must unite in the hearing healthcare industry.  The hearing impaired must be protected.
On October 3rd, 2011, insurance giant United Health Group Inc. announced that they will be offering on-line hearing tests and four different discount hearing devices for purchase on their website.  These products will be significantly lower in quality, cost and durability than the current options that hearing practices currently provide.  
In our field, we treat those we help as patients, not just consumers.  (BOLD)
As a medical professional, you know that any on-line evaluation replacing face-to-face diagnosis will ultimately be unsafe for their patient.  The time has come for us to act.

End Online Hearing Aid Sales

By urging patients to choose a certified professional to assist them with their hearing healthcare needs, we are looking out for both their safety and convenience. Some people who experience hearing difficulties turn to online sources that promise a quick and easy solution for their problems. These sites offer at-home hearing exams and allow people to directly purchase their hearing aids. But, as you know, hearing aids are not generic. They are highly personalized devices that need to be programmed and tailored to suit one’s ears comfortably and to address one’s needs effectively. Those who choose the online method are misdiagnosing their hearing loss and wasting their money on incorrect and ill-fitting devices. 

Benefits of Having a Provider
When patients work with a hearing healthcare provider in their neighborhood, they can be assured they will receive customized care from a professional who lives in their community. They will be with the patient every step of the way, from the initial consultation to occasional adjustments and all in between. A trusted, local provider can offer a level of compassion and expertise that a stranger online simply cannot.

"I feel the human touch needs to be kept involved. I realize the Internet is taking over every aspect of our lives, but when it comes to that human touch of compassion and caring for our patients, the Internet can't and won't be able to replace that, and I think the powers that are trying to should be ashamed of themselves." – A Hearing Healthcare Professional

Add your voice – sign our completely confidential list. When we periodically report the total number of registrants to manufacturers, we’ll let manufacturers know how many industry professionals oppose their support of internet sales. Only aggregate information will be reported; your personal information is completely confidential.

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